A Custom Build

Have you ever watched one of those home improvement shows where the homeowner gets everything they want in the home they purchased?  No, usually they have designers who go through the home room by room to make their dreams come true.  Mitchell Construction wants your dreams to come true, that is why we not only renovate and remodel homes but build custom homes as well.

In February we began construction on a custom home, and it has been great working with the homeowners to help them realize their happily ever after.  Why would someone want to build a custom home?  For every reason you think; to get exactly what they want, from the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen all the way down to the garage.  People have an idea as to what they want and cannot always find it in a pre-built home.  Homes can be remodeled and renovated, but some clients, when the opportunity presents itself, will dive in head first with a custom built home!

We broke ground on this home in February and things are moving along quickly, from design,foundation, framing and roofing.  The Mitchell Team is hard a work!

Since the beginning of this job our homeowners have been working closely with our design team.  Making selections from lighting, plumbing fixtures and flooring, to wall paper, paint colors, appliances and cabinetry.  The selections are to the clients preference and taste, all with assistance and guidance from our award-winning interior designer Victoria Heydari.











The kids bathroom is coming along nicely.  We love the flooring and wallpaper choices the home owner made.  It has personality and its whimsical design would make any kid stay and brush a little longer.

The kitchen is beautiful, we cannot wait to see the finished product.  From lighting choices, cabinet hardware and appliances, the homeowners have beautiful taste.

Exterior and architectural decisions are done by and with guidance from our award-winning architect Peter Grover.

What a beautiful and welcoming front entrance.  Notice the attention to detail.  This is what makes a house a home!

Check out the personality in the black & white tiled floor in the laundry room!  The mudroom has ample space for everyone to put their “stuff”; they are sure to stay organized!

We are busy putting the finishing touches on this custom home.  We cannot wait for the homeowners to move in and live in their dream home!  I am excited to share the finished product pictures in a blog next month…I cannot wait!

Do you want to live in your dream home?  Give Mitchell Construction Group a call today and see how we can build your dream!



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