April showers and I want a new mudroom…

When I was a little girl I remember spring brought daffodils, green grass and time to play outside as the weather grew warmer.  The spring of my adulthood is a transition from snow to rain, mud and more rain, ugh!  Since we have been dealing with so much rain over the past few months, I thought this was a good time to talk about mudrooms.  Those wonderful entry ways that allow not only the kids but the adults in the family to leave the mess outside.  But mudrooms are more than just a place to leave the mess, they have become command central for everything family!

This mudroom (designed by Mitchell Construction Group’s award winning interior designer Victoria Heydari) has areas not only for the beloved artwork, but many cubbies, drawers, hooks and closets to organize a busy family.  The flooring (a porcelain tile that looks like slate in highland green evergreen 12×12) brings the outdoors in and is easy to keep clean when your kids do the same thing.

Some mudrooms have multiple purposes.  Not only a place to leave the shoes, jackets and sporting equipment but a space for parents to organize their families.  A desk/office space can be incorporated into the mudroom making this area of the home more than just a place to hang your hat.  This multifunctional space can house outlets for cell phones/tablets, schedules, calendars, a place to put school papers; doing this keeps the clutter out of the main areas of the home, and minimizes the question, “Mom where is my phone?”

These mudroom wonders not only welcome you in, but clean you up!  Having laundry in the mudroom area makes laundering those stinky sports uniforms a snap!  Also, coming in on a rainy or snowy day, the wet clothes can be removed and put right into the laundry instead of bringing them through the house.

What we do know is that mudrooms have become a necessary room in today’s homes.  If you wish you had a mudroom or want your existing mudroom to function better

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