A Kitchen Renovation 21 Years in the Making: It’s Finished!

Six and a half weeks ago my husband and I were standing in our kitchen; our ugly, dark, dated kitchen. We were so excited that the renovation we had waited 21 years for was finally beginning, but in our minds couldn’t have imagined such a beautiful, open and happy space!  Our kitchen is completed and we LOVE it!






The process began with a not so serious request from me to Tommy Mitchell asking if he would come and fix my kitchen.  He began asking questions and asked if he could come by and take a look.  Once he saw the kitchen, it was no longer a joke…he saw how desperate a situation it truly was.  Being new to the Mitchell Construction team, he said this would be a great way for me to learn what Mitchell Construction is all about and their process, and let me tell you it was a GREAT way to learn, by being a customer!


Mitchell Construction is process driven, and the process works.  They call it the “Mitchell Advantage”.  This process takes out all the guess work you may have with other contractors, and lets the home owner know the cost and timeline of their job.  Let me share with you my experience.

First we met with Victoria Heydari, Mitchell Constructions in-house Interior Designer.  We came up with a design that would meet our needs, wants, and wishes, but also fit within our budget.  Next Tommy Mitchell came by with for a walk through of our kitchen with the sub-contractors that would be working on our renovation to get real quotes (not estimates) on what our job would actually cost.  Next a budget is drawn up.  Once the budget is agreed upon a detailed Construction Contract is put together and signed.  Then the real fun began; we met our Project Manager Dan Beauregard and he gave us a schedule of the job from start to finish; we were blown away by this.  At no time have we ever been given a calendar by any contractor we had worked with in our home over the past 21 years.  Not only did they stick to the calendar, but they finished 2 days in advance.  Dan not only managed the schedule and the sub-contractors, but managed our expectations. We knew what to expect each day and any questions we had were answered promptly.  Dan was phenomenal, as were all the people that worked on our kitchen.










We are in our kitchen and I am back to cooking and loving this new space.  My once ugly duckling kitchen has now emerged a beautiful swan and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  My family gathers in the kitchen now which has always been my dream!  This was truly the least stressful renovation we have ever done, and living in a 74 year old home we have done a lot of work over the years.   I am a believer in this process and so grateful to the Mitchell Construction Group.  Not only for their craftsmanship and attention to detail but their character and how they treated us as their clients.  I  can now see why so many clients refer us to friends and continue to have us back to their homes.


If you have any questions about my experience or product questions please feel free to contact me at Christa@mitchcogroup.com


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