A Kitchen Renovation Inspired by Ice Dams

New Englanders will not quickly forget the winter of 2015. A six week snow siege held us all captive in our homes. Not only did SNOW become a four letter word, but ice dams became a homeowner’s worst enemy! Our clients Morgan & Paul were no different. Faced with water damage to ceilings and walls throughout their home, they decided to repair what Mother Nature had damaged and also update the look and functionality of their dated kitchen.

Morgan called Mitchell Construction in need of help to determine the damage caused by ice dams. Upon arrival our team could see that the 1920’s Colonial was in need of a facelift. Not only was there water damage throughout, but there were also structural issues that needed to be addressed. Primarily, the kitchen floor was sloping and sagging. When our in-house Architect Peter Grover surveyed the problem he identified inadequate basement footings as the problem. Along with repairing ice dams and structural issues, Morgan wanted to expand her closed off kitchen making design and functional improvements.

A stay-at-home mom, Morgan wanted an open floor plan to accommodate her 3 busy children. She also found when entertaining friends and family the existing kitchen layout left her with her back to everyone. With no space for others to gather or sit, she was often left in the kitchen while guests gathered elsewhere. From a design perspective, the closed floor plan provided little to no counter space and the cabinets were not only dark and drab, but made the kitchen feel very gloomy. The up-lighting above the cabinets brought the high ceilings down, and dark green laminate countertops made a dark space, even darker. Miss-matched appliances in varying shades of white were distracting and their placement was not functional. In a home filled with beautiful moldings, built-ins and detail, this kitchen had no charm.

When thinking through their new kitchen, the owners wanted to increase counter and prep space, pantry storage and create better traffic flow. They wanted to retain the natural light and add recessed lighting and fixtures. They also loved and wanted to keep their high ceilings. Morgan requested windows on both walls of her kitchen so she could see the kids playing in the driveway while she was cooking. A kitchen island with seating on 2 sides so the kids could be in the kitchen while mom prepared dinner, and for guests to gather when entertaining. In a kitchen this size storage was also an issue. Morgan requested lots of roll out shelves for ingredients, cooking utensils, and cookbooks. Overall she wanted the warmth and charm the rest of her home had reflected in her kitchen.

The Mitchell Team, including our in-house Architect, Designer and Interior Designer are now armed with all the information they need and are excited to fulfill Morgan & Paul’s wishes. Our team worked closely with the homeowners, using our design/build process to make their dream a reality. How did we do it? Stay tuned for our next blog and the big kitchen reveal!

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